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Déri Miksa Street wholly refurbished by community planning!

The Municipality of Józsefváros is willing to create a public space that is renewed in its function at the part of Déri Miksa Street that lies between Nagy Fuvaros and Fecske streets. The vision organically links the "Nagy Ho-ho-horgász" playground and the Szent Kozma Health Centre (JEK) together with the street, with the green surfaces of the latter having thus far been separated by a fence. The aim of the Municipality is to create a promenade in the Market Hall neighbourhood that those working or living nearby can have a sense of ownership and pride about. For this to happen, locals are included in the planning process for the refurbishment of the street.
The aim of the community planning events is to plan every detail of the park's redevelopment jointly with those working and living here. As early as in 2018, the Municipality had begun collecting ideas and the process, organized and executed by Rév8, is now shifting to the next level.
The first event in this series will be a community pique-nique in JEK's garden, where all interested parties are welcome to begin a fruitful dialogue and for locals to get to know each other. In the course of the three community planning events that will follow, participants will discuss with the help of experts what each of them feels important in Déri Miksa Street and what new functions they are keen to see. In August, a "test day" will offer a chance to participants to actually construct their vision created together. In practice, chairs will represent future benches, whereas the roads and pavements-to-be will be marked by chalk and ribbons. Based on what they learn from this experience, a final plan will be created and realized.

Events schedule:

There are no scheduled events at the moment. Please check back later on!

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